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Primal Grilling Gloves, Ultra Heat Resistant Grill & Oven Mitts, Virtually Fireproof Cooking Gloves Designed to Withstand Temps up to 1472 F, For BBQ, Smoking, Baking, Fire Pit & More

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Made By A Respected American Company, These Heat-Resistant Grill Gloves Withstand Temps Up To 1472 Degrees Fahrenheit (800 C). One Size Fits Most.


  • No More Burned Fingers: Your Primal Grilling BBQ gloves withstand temps up to 1472 degrees F, so you can fire up the grill without feeling the heat. Flame-retardant for extra safety near open fires.
  • Revolutionary Technology: What makes these oven gloves so heat resistant? The answer's the 2-ply design, with soft cotton lining & high-tech outer layer made of virtually fireproof Deyan carbon yarn.
  • Flip Steaks & Burgers with Ease: Why struggle with stiff, bulky grill gloves? Your Primal Grilling BBQ gloves are reinforced between thumb & finger for flexible freedom of movement.
  • Ultimate Non-Slip Mitts: Handle even the hottest utensils without fear of losing your grip, thanks to textured gel dots on the palms of your grill mitts. This silica gel is famous for super-firm hold.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Not totally satisfied with your machine-washable Primal Grilling gloves? Return them anytime for a full refund or free replacement. Great gift for your favorite grill master.

Made By A Respected American Company, These Heat-Resistant Grill Gloves Withstand Temps Up To 1472 Degrees Fahrenheit (800 C). One Size Fits Most.

Let's face it: Burned hands & fingers can take the fun out of outdoor cooking.

Solution? Primal Grilling Gloves

These state-of-the-art oven mitts boast a radical new technology for maximum heat resistance.

The secret's the 2-ply construction featuring:

Rugged outer layer knit of Deyan carbon yarn (the raw material for carbon fiber)
Ultra-soft inner lining made of skin-soothing premium cotton

The cotton lining keeps your hands comfortable, while the Deyan surface:

Resists temperatures up to 1472F (that's hotter than any home grill ever gets)
Shields your fingers & forearms from fiery-hot cooking surfaces
Even fends off rips & tears for lasting durability

The Payoff? Cook with Confidence

Whether you're flipping steaks on the barbie... reaching for a pan in a broiling oven... or loading wood into a blazing fireplace... you'll appreciate the extra protection you get from these high-tech gloves.

Your Primal Grilling Gloves Also Offer:

Flexible ease of movement, thanks to extra stretch material between the thumb & forefinger
Firmer non-slip grip, thanks to heat-resistant silica-gel-textured palms
Incredibly easy care – just toss them in the washing machine (cool water, gentle cycle)

All This Plus Our Full Guarantee So Order Now Risk Free

Plus, if you know any avid grill masters, be sure to get them these must-have gloves. Great gift for Father's Day, birthdays, graduation & more.

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