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Is salmon the only food that cooks well on planks?

NO! Grilling is all about experimenting and discovering.  Anything you would grill, you can cook on a plank.  Fish, Steaks, Lamb, Chicken, Vegetables, and fruits can all be enhanced in a healthy manner by the flavor of grilling planks.

Where are your planks sourced?  

Our Western Red Cedar Grilling planks are premium grilling planks derived only from North America Forest. We stand behind our products 100% and always provide our customers the most natural and fragrant grilling planks available!

I’ve heard cedar planks sometimes are not actually cedar but some other foreign wood?

Yes, sadly it’s true that some companies choose to find the cheapest “cedar planks” available on the market.  These planks can have questionable sources and many from overseas.  Primal Grilling only sources Western Red Cedar grown in North America.  Small local Canadian farmers are the main source of cedar. 

Does cooking over fire really relive stress?

All of the Primal Grilling “plankers” i speak to about this topic say Yes!  When your stressed out and feeling like you don’t have control over what’s going on in your life, having complete control over your grill and the fire gives you a hope you can gain control of those things stressing you out.  I also believe in the aromatic effects of wood smoke.  I think this smell has a sense of nostalgia to it that just make you feel better!    Aromatherapy is a scientifically proven alternative medicine which does relieve stress.

What is planking?

A cooking method  that involves preparing your food on a wood plank.  A person who cooks their food on a plank can be called a “planker”.  Are you a planker?

What is  the correct way to use Primal grilling cedar planks?

Its important to plan for at least 30 minutes of soaking.  2 hours or longer is preferred.  Setting them out over night to soak is ideal but in the cases this is forgotten that’s ok.  I just make it the first thing I do before i start prepping the food and the grill.

Set your grill up for indirect grilling.  This is a method where you have the heat source on just 1 half of the grill.  If your using gas, then simple turn on the left or right burners. If you are using charcoal, place your hot coals on just one side of the grill

Once the grill is preheated go ahead and place the planks directly over the fire for 3 minutes to heat up

There are two methods next to choose from.  The first is the keep the planks directly over the heat source, known as direct grilling and cook your food here.  This requires a bit more attention as flareups are possible.  The other method is to move the planks to the non flame side, indirect grilling and cook them here.  The first method will produce more smoke and cook faster. The second method will produce less smoke and cook slower.

Once the plank(s) is heated, flip it over and place you food directly onto the plank
tip: If your cooking certain foods that prefer searing, like steaks, You will want to sear both side first and then cook to your desired temp on the planks

Continue to monitor for flareups and if they occur you can spray them with a little water, move the planks from directly over the fire, or if using charcoal, keep the lid on and close the top vents.  The smoke typically will typically smother the flareup

If you are careful not to char your planks during use you can expect to get several uses out of the wood.  As long as there is wood left on the plank it will continue to offset its delicious flavor into your foods?

What’s a flare-up?

A flare-up is when the flame from your heat source, charcoal or gas, shoots upwards into your food and or plank.  This can char your food but also can cause the plank to catch fire which will decrease the life of the plank.  Flare-ups are easily managed if you pay attention to how much heat your fire is giving off.  Its best to avoid flare-ups but they happen.  No big deal, just keep a spray bottle handy if using a gas grill or close the top vent and let the smoke smother the flare-up if using charcoal.

What is indirect vs direct cooking method?

Indirect cooking is a method where you do not place your food directly over the heat source. Direct cooking, you will cook your food over the flame.   Many times people split their grills in half by only setting up the flame on 1 side of the grill.  If you’re using gas, simple turn on the left or right burners only. If you are using charcoal, place your hot coals on just one side of the grill.

What is the history from grilling on planks?

The oldest documented use of grilling plank dates back to nearly 500 years ago by the native Americans of the northwest united states.  It is believed though that planking dates all the way to the earliest human when fire was first discovered.  There were several methods of cooking over fire and doing so over planks of wood is one of them.  The ____indians are mostly credited with planking because they are the most recent culture that planking was documented in detail.

What are the benefits of cooking with Primal Grilling Cedar Planks?

Flavors food in an very healthy way by capturing the essence of wood flavors.  Eliminate sauces, oils or other fatty additives.

Plank-cooked foods retain their natural  juices creating more flavor and also have less nutrient loss

Cooking over fire with wood planks is a very effective stress reliever

Cooking over planks is a experience that connects us with our primal spirit

They serve as a very appealing serving platter which also provides a soothing wood smoke aroma while you dine

Impress your family and or guest with a unique cooking method that has been around for thousands of years

How many times can I use the plank?

As long as there is wood left it can be used.  when soaked properly, at least 2 hours, you should get at least 3 uses.  Once you think your plank is done you can get even more use by breaking it down to chips and using them as if you would woodchips to add more smoke.

Can you use these planks in the oven?  

Our lawyers answer to this is NO because of California's Proposition 65 warning.  Planks when burned produce carbon monoxide which is a dangerous chemical( See Proposition warning below). 

That being said, we know of many people who set their oven to 350 degrees and successfully add delicious cedar flavor to their food without smoking out the place and causing harm to themselves or families.  

California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and carbon monoxide, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to”

How will my cooking time be effected with planks?

Cooking times will very depending on the food by typically you will need to factor roughly 25%more cooking time.

Can you put them in the dishwasher?

No, should only hand rinse to just remove the juices and food remains then left out to dry.

Should I hand wash them with soap?

No soap.  The soap will soak into the plank which wont taste very good the next time you use them.  Only water is necessary

How do I use the really cool Primal Grilling burlap storage bag that my planks came packed in?

Once the plank have been cleaned and dried you can place them in your storage bag until next use.

Can I soak them in…?

This is where the fun comes in!  Water works great, but you can soak your planks in many different liquids to produce new and exciting flavors.  Try your favorite, beer, wine, juices, and any other liquids you think will add amazing flavor to your food.