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About us

Welcome to the Primal Grilling Community!

Primal Grilling, Inc. is all about rekindling the ancestral spirit by cooking over fire.  through this experience we promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.  If you enjoy cooking outdoors, no matter if you just mastered the hot dog of if you were nominated pit master of the year, you will truly enjoy the information you receive from the Primal Grilling community.  You will discover grilling techniques, unique recipes, healthy food and lifestyle ideas, as well as the top tools of the trade. 

I started Primal Grilling in 2015 and have had a passion for grilling for nearly 20 years.  I enjoy creating delicious and wholesome meals for my family and friends, and love sharing the art of BBQ with others.  I also love outdoor activities like surfing, fishing, cycling, snowboarding, and hiking.  In all expects of my life I'm mindful of the health of our environment and keeping it healthy for future generations to come!

Happy and Healthy Grilling,

Tom Sedita Jr.

President of Primal Grilling