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My Very Scary Incident With a Metal Wire Cleaning Brush

Posted by Thomas Sedita Jr on

You see, I love to barbeque and I especially love to barbeque for my family and friends. Last summer on a regular night after work I decided to grill some chicken thighs on my beloved Big green Egg. I prepped my grill as normal which involves cleaning the grates with my grill brush and continued on to cooking the chicken. Once dinner was served I sat down pretty hungry and started into the chicken. All was normal until about my third piece I bit into something very hard. At first I thought it was a chicken bone but once I pulled the object from my mouth I was horrified to discover a metal wire bristle. I couldn’t believe it, but I knew instantly where it came from. The grill brush! I felt so relieved that I didn’t swallow the metal bristle but then I worried what if I already did and didn’t notice. Or worse yet what if my wife, step-son, or mother-in-law did!

This is when I jumped on Google and searched for “metal grilling brush in my food”. I was shocked by all of the horror stories of emergency visits and surgeries. CNN, ABC News, CBS News, the CDC all were reporting on the dangers of these brushes. Why have I never heard of this before? I have been grilling for nearly 20 years and I never considered this to be a problem. I had to stop reading eventually because I knew it was only going to make me worry more. I decided to stay calm, not alert my family, and wait to see if anyone complained of any pains. Luckily all turned out OK and no one ingested any metal that night but I decided to never use a metal grill brush again.

That’s when I started looking for alternatives and discovered the GreatScrape. This all natural alternative was perfect! It formed to my BGE with no problems and I never had to second guess the food I was biting into again.

As an avid griller who looks at barbequing as one of America’s greatest pastimes, I knew I had to let people know of this unnecessary danger and decided to take action. I didn’t want a fellow griller buying some foreign made metal brush and unknowingly putting his or her family at risk.

So the truth is I would love for you to purchase our alternative grill cleaning tool known as the GreatScrape, but to make a quick buck, is not why I decided to start selling this tool. I just can’t see the point of anyone taking such an unnecessary risk and really thought the GreatScrape was the perfect solution.

Here is some information about the Great Scrape

The Great Scrape® is an all natural BBQ cleaning tool. It is an alternative to the dangerous metal wire brush. It custom grooves to uniquely fit any grill grate, while eliminating the risk of ingesting a metal bristle or harming your grill grates. It is made of solid hardwood and will last for years. 

Fits: Any grill
  • A much safer alternative to wire brushes 
  • Will last for years unlike metal brushes which are replaced yearly
  • Grill scraper grooves conform to any grill grate 

Discover the Great Scrape HERE


Articles and videos about the Dangers of Metal Brushes

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Happy and Healthy Grilling!

Tom Sedita Jr

President of Primal grilling

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