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America’s Love for Grilling and Some Little Known Facts Every Grilling Enthusiast Should Know

Posted by Thomas Sedita Jr on

Grilling has long been a favorite American pastime, and goes without hesitation on holidays like Memorial Day or the 4th of July. It’s also something Americans use to gather the family together over the weekends and share in festivities. Much of this love of barbecuing links back to our forefathers but to one especially. George Washington, our first president was our first great barbecue enthusiast. He was known to host, attend and even crash any and all barbecues he could. George Washington was adamant about his diary and recorded many barbecuing events he attended or hosted. In fact he loved outdoor cooking so much that he used it for his troop’s rations during the French and Indian War. He is also responsible for our first presidential cookout. Today if you visit Washington’s house at Mt. Vernon, you will find his smokehouse fully intact.

I also think about modern society’s connection without outdoor cooking as it pertains to our Cro-Magnon ancestors. Sitting around a fire and preparing the days catch was the most communal moment in their lives. Around the fire is where they filled their bellies, felt safety, and dove into long conversations with one another. I believe that cooking over fire was such an important part of survival for our ancestors that it was ingrained into our DNA. For me, this explains the feeling that only a true grilling enthusiast would understand, that is felt when we are working the grill.

Today the outdoor cooking area in a home has become an extension of the kitchen and has expanded peoples cooking abilities. The space between the kitchen and the outdoor grilling area is typically where most social gatherings take place. The outdoor cooking area has expanded dramatically over the last 5 years and has even become pretty elaborate for some. It’s not uncommon to find complete venting systems, weatherproof cabinetry, refrigeration, and even more specialized products like brick ovens, beer taps, and wine fridges. I think this is all great but I also like how simple the outdoor cooking area can be. Give me a classic charcoal dome grill and a pair of tongs and I’m stoked and ready to go! So let’s get outside, soak in the beauty of nature, breath in the fresh air and love what you grill!

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